My Story

“Seán Jacques is an Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist who has the fortune to come from a family 
with a deeply rooted connection to the rich and colourful world of traditional  Irish music. The fast percussive rhythms of this music have intertwined and interwoven to make up the spinal cord of Seán’s rhythmic acoustic guitar playing. He plays what we like to call “Celtic Guitar”. A style which involves fast rhythmic nuances and “pull-off, hammer-on” technique, while leaning heavily on finger picking too. This guitar style is unique to Celtic countries e.g. Ireland, Brittany but it was heavily influenced by the “London School of Guitar” based in Soho in London in the sixties. Guitarists like Bert Jansch and John Renbourn were the driving force of the “London School of Guitar” which influenced other guitarists like Richard Thompson and Paul Brady. And today Seán Jacque is the one carrying this torch.

Seán has developed his songwriting skills over the past few years where he dances between the world  of Irish music, modern music and pop culture. But his style is uniquely acoustic  which gives it that handmade quality that one treasures these days. He has been  born with a strong voice and when he starts to sing his presence fills the room  with a warm glow. He is a confident player. He has won song writing competitions in the past and is one of Germany and Irelands promising young singers/guitarists.”

Press Reviews


“Seán Jacques Stimme erinnert an Singer-Songwriter wie Jason Mraz, sein perfektes Gitarrenspiel lässt an Saiten-Virtuosen vom Schlage eines John Mayer denken, einige seiner Songs klingen wie James Blunt ohne Kitsch. Die Up-Tempo-Nummer „Secret Lover“ hat echte Hitqualitäten, andere Songs überzeugen durch einfühlsame Melodien. Hell und warm klingt seine Stimme, während er ein rasantes Flatpicking ansetzt oder traumhaft schöne Flageoletts erklingen lässt.

Das ist meisterhaft!”


“Ever since I can remember, music has been in my life. It started out with traditional tunes like ‘Over the moor to Maggies’. We would sit in the kitchen playing and singing songs with my family and friends. Nothings changed, it’s always nice to be home”